Uber Eats introduces new Delivery Fee structure

Uber Eats is changing the way it delivers food in Dubai. The courier service has announced it will now be charging customers based on the distance from the restaurant to their delivery location.Users of the app were notified of the changes earlier this week. Uber Eats previously charged a flat rate of Dh5 for delivery, but charges will now range from Dh4 to Dh10, depending on distance.

Customers will be able to see the delivery charge for each restaurant as they browse the app, and they will also be able to filter their search by delivery cost.Uber Eats is the offshoot of global taxi app Uber. The food delivery service launched in the UAE in 2016 and now boasts hundreds cuisine options and thousands of restaurants. McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Burger King and Haagen Daaz are some of the big name chains available on the app, alongside local favourites, Manoushe Street, Poke Poke, Papa Murphy’s, New Shanghai and Jollibee.

A spokesperson for UberEats said: “Following a pilot, we’ve introduced a new Delivery Fee structure in Dubai. Delivery Fees will be more affordable for users who order from nearby restaurants while maintaining access to restaurants further away at a slightly higher price.

“You can also filter by delivery fee, making it easier to find the right restaurant at the right price point for you.”

The new delivery charges came into effect in Dubai on Tuesday, September 10.