Typica Speciality Café, Quality coffee-focused café opens in Dubai

Located on Jumeirah Beach Road, Typica Speciality Café is named after the typica variety of coffee, and has brought together a team of award-winning baristas to help focus on creating the best customer experience.Manager Michaela has won a number of titles including ‘Best Barista for Espresso – U.A.E. National Barista Champion’ in 2018 and ‘Best Barista for Pour-over – Dubai National Brewers Cup Champion’ in 2017. She will compete as U.A.E.’s world barista championship representative for 2020 in Melbourne.

A number of exclusive products will only be available at Typica in the UAE including micro-lots of beans from Brazil, Mexico, and Panama, which will be brewed in the UAE’s only Aremde coffee machine designed to allow baristas to both engage with customers and display their art and skills.

Location : Umm Suqueim 2
Tel : +971 56 987 1994