The Model Restaurant set to debut in Dubai

A new platform that provides models with free meals to help boost the “ambiance” of restaurants will launch in Dubai in December, The Model Restaurant initiative partners models with restaurants who give them free meals in exchange for social media exposure and an ‘ambiance’ boost.

The initiative was created by Italian entrepreneur Giovanbattista Cimmino, the founder of London-based social media agency SocialAsk and Remodels, a modelling agency. To use the service, models sign up by following the @ModelRestaurant page on Instagram – which is set to private – and then sending a direct message with their location.

Model Restaurant then matches the model with nearby restaurants who are willing to serve them complimentary meals, in exchange for “improving” the restaurant’s ambiance with their presence and sharing content on social media.

Responding to a query, Cimmino said that the initiative is currently being used by 21 “top” restaurants in London, as well as 12 in New York City.