The Burgr Factory is now open in Dubai

The Burgr Factory celebrated its Dubai opening by making a whopping 68kg burger drenched in cheese and served alongside an assortment of equally calorific sides. The famous burger joint has opened at in Dubai’s Jumeirah 3 in the space that formerly housed Mad Tailors along Jumeirah Beach Road

There are 100 burgers on the mega menu including a glorious halloumi stick-stuffed creation and a mighty 1.2kg burger slathered in 12 types of melted cheese and covered in crispy bacon.

There are plenty of chicken burgers and burgers for vegetarians to tuck into, too.

Save space for loaded sides include fried pickles, cheesy salted caramel fries and fried cheese, loads of milkshakes, and belly-busting desserts including deep-fried Oreos and American-style pancakes.