Talabat waives delivery fee

Talabat, the food delivery platform has ditched the fees in support of local restaurants and customers, region-wide. You’ll still be able to order from your favourite restaurants and takeaway outlets that are nearby thanks to in-app location-based technology, but the delivery fee will no longer apply.

“The safety of our customers, restaurant partners, riders and our employees is without a doubt our top priority. Everything else is secondary,” said Talabat CEO Tomaso Rodriguez. “We started taking precautionary measures within our delivery ecosystem in January to ensure safety comes first. At the same time, ensuring business continuity for our restaurant partners business is important.

“By leveraging our technology, we’re encouraging our customers to order from nearby restaurant partners who may be seeing dine-in rates dropping due to uncertainty around COVID-19. We are well prepared, and are working with local authorities to ensure the safety of our customers, riders and restaurant partners, in each market that we operate.”