Starbucks introduces Vegetarian Menu

World-famous coffee chain Starbucks has added two new vegetarian-friendly items to its menu.

Available for a lunchtime pick-me-up and using Beyond Meat (a meat-free alternative made using pea protein), the two new sarnies have been added to the menu in response to growing customer demand for more meat-free options.

The Beyond Meat Triple Cheese Wrap comes packed with Beyond Beef, a blend of red cheddar, mozzarella and feta, plus herb-roasted bell peppers and marina sauce and there’s also the Beyond Meatball Arabian Ciabatta: a soft ciabatta filled with plant-based Beyond Beef on a bed of labneh and baby spinach.

“We will continue to innovate our food and beverage menu, offering greater variation and more delicious plant-based choices, as we work towards becoming a resource positive company,” said Rana Shaheen, Regional Communications & CSR Manager for Starbucks Coffee MENA.

Now available at Starbucks branches across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, the new items joins Starbucks already vast menu of sandwiches, cakes, muffins and more, and if you’re cutting down on dairy, alternative milk options for that all-important Frappuccino include oat, coconut, soy, and almond.