Online Seafood Market Place launches in the UAE

A seafood e-commerce platform has launched in the UAE with the aim of improving transparency, traceability, and choice in the marketplace.

Seafood Souq is a response to the difficulties many F&B personnel face when dealing with current suppliers – including large amounts of product waste, false produce, and high-mark-ups.

It’s the brainchild of a number of long-term UAE residents, including Dibba Bay Oysters founder Ramie Murray who was frustrated with the existing communications and procurement procedures in the market.

He teamed up with childhood friend Sean Dennis, Sheikh Fahim al Qasimi, and Denis Konoplev to create a more open online marketplace that could outmanoeuvre the current supply lines and benefit both buyers and sellers.

The result is Seafood Souq. Dennis, co-founder and CEO of the company, said the plan is for it to become “the one-stop-shop- for all B2B seafood needs and bring the efficiencies associated with an open online marketplace, just-in-time ordering and full traceability, to the UAE and beyond.”

A straightforward and simple website, it offers full transparency on where the seafood you are ordering is coming from, its origin, its price, and the ability to track it every step of the way.

Dennis told Caterer Middle East that it could have a major impact on improving seafood sustainability. He said: “By creating an open market with traceability all the way back to source, and providing parties with full information, buyers are able to make a choice that supports sustainability, likewise, suppliers will be encouraged to practice sustainable processes. In addition to this, the FAO estimates around 35% of harvested fish and seafood [worldwide] is either lost or wasted along the supply chain. With our more efficient supply chain that provides 100% traceability we can drastically reduce this problem.”

While the UAE’s seafood consumption is valued at over $1.4b (AED5.1b), currently less than 1% of total global sales are done online, something Seafood Souq is hoping to change.

There are plans for its inventory to expand to include seafood options from all corners of the world, plus Dibba Bay oysters, of course