Le Styles Café offering Dhs1 coffee throughout February

The newly-opened ibis Styles hotel, Le Styles Café is offering any type of coffee for just Dhs1, including cold brew, Frappuccinos, hot chocolate and espressos. The café uses a Kees van der Westen machine that prepares coffee using several methods of brewing, from an AeroPress, Chemex to a V60. It also has a ‘beans of the month’ that changes regularly.

Coffee fans can expect a special batch single-origin beans sourced from Burundi, Costa Rica, Columbia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Nicaragua. The new social hub will also have breakfast dishes and more to go along with that coffee, from healthy breakfasts to signature pizzas.

“Every coffee-lover will enjoy the taste of our coffee because we grind it to match the brew, beans and even dramatic changes in temperature,” said outlet manager Joseph Barsouna. “Whether you’re a Frappuccino fanatic, the bean aficionado, the instant drinker, the healthy-living decaf fan or one who only drinks coffee in the morning, we will create that special cup of coffee guests will truly enjoy.”