Kimpo, Korean Street Food Restaurant opens in Dubai

Kimpo, the Korean street food restaurant and bar has set up shop at Conrad Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road. It is being headed up by chef Sung Choul Lee (a South-Korean native with more than 15 years experience), and offers an authentic chimaek experience – a pairing of fried chicken and hops, which is extremely popular in Korea.

Fried chicken aside, the menu features an array of East Asian specialties, each with a twist, including a bulgogi sloppy joe served with kimchi and a homemade barbecue sauce, an “east-meets-west” take on tacos served with slow-cooked minced meat, pickled onions, kimchi mayonnaise and lettuce, and a pizza topped with salmon, kimchi mayonnaise, yuzu jelly and sesame seeds.

“From K-pop and Korean-beauty to foodie experiences, Korean culture is booming in popularity all over the world, including Dubai. Kimpo will show the city the real Korean way of life – chicken and hops,” says chef Lee.