Healthy Food Restaurant for children to open in Dubai


A new restaurant in Dubai aiming to teach children about nutrition and cooking is set to launch in Dubai. Opening the last week of July, 2019, White and the Bear is a collaboration between founder Hana Al Mulla and celebrity chef Annabel Karmel, with the latter developing the majority of the dishes on the menu.

Speaking about the new launch, Al Mulla said: “I am very particular about giving my children healthy food, and it was frustrating for us as parents to go out and not be able to find a variety of healthy food choices for our children. We always try to develop healthy eating habits for our children at home but there is very little we can control once we are out. White and the Bear is exactly the stress free solution that so many parents in Dubai need. A place where your child will only be exposed to healthy, fun food choices.”

From the food, to the miniature seating and fittings, everything at White and the Bear has been designed around giving the best possible experience to children visiting the restaurant at Jumeirah 2. The menu includes items such as no sugar energy balls made with dates, hamburgers that have been created using carrots and apples, and Bolognese pasta with hidden vegetables.

The eponymous White and the Bear are two characters designed to engage the children, with White the rabbit being impulsive and excited while Bear is the voice of reason. The characters have been developed to show that the restaurant is a place where children will find something for themselves no matter what their personality.

It also comprises a concept store where children’s accessories and clothing will be retailed, followed by a workshop area where the brand will conduct creative and hands-on events.