Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen introduces Online delivery

Gordon Ramsay’s world-famous restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen is now delivering its dishes to homes across Dubai via delivery app Deliveroo.

And what’s more, you’ll get 20 percent off your first order, and there are plenty of super dishes to choose from.

Starters include the restaurant’s signature shrimp avocado cocktail, hot wings, wagyu meatballs and burrata salad. Main courses offer up the beef burger with avocado, pepper jam, crispy onions and jack cheese, plus the crispy skin salmon, slow-roasted chicken breast, filet mignon, flank steak and a couple of pizzas for the vegetarians. On the side, you can get baked macaroni and cheese, green beans, salads and potato purée, while dessert includes the restaurant’s Jaffa cheesecake (dark chocolate and orange), sticky toffee pudding and even a Caramac chocolate cake.

To order, head to www.deliveroo.ae.