Food App that Helps the Hungry Launches in UAE

A new food app that offers discount deals as well as helping feed the hungry has launched in the UAE. With the support and collaboration of the Dubai Government and Red Crescent Islamic Affairds, Nefsy offers exclusive dine-in deals with popular restaurants in the country including Applebee’s, Urban Seafood, Myocum, and more.

The more deals bought using the app, the more good deeds done through it. While the other stated aim of the app is to drive more footfall to UAE restaurants.

Netsy’s founder Khaled Diab said: “The conceptualization of Nefsy stemmed from a need to make a difference to not just the community that we live in, but also from the need to give back to communities, families and individuals who don’t have easy access to meals and sustenance. The power of offering everyday users to make a change through short and simple steps is often underestimated, but is what drives apps like Nefsy to enter the market and give the community an option to make a change, to make a difference. Nefsy also puts the user in mind by offering discounts at beloved dining spots – a win-win situation for all and a step closer to positively impacting lives.”