Dubai’s Robot Chef to cook at Future Cafe

As part of the ‘Future Café’ at Dubai’s Gitex Technology Week 2019, TRA revealed its ‘Smart Robotic Chef’ that has been preparing various dishes ‘professionally and with high accuracy’ to visitors. Domo arigato, Chef Roboto.

The three-armed robot from TRA is programmed to prepare various types of food at speed, and even makes food to customer’s preferences. Around the world, the Smart Robotic Chef is the only robot of its kind to prepare a complete meal without any human intervention. But that’s not all, as it also can make a mean cuppa.

Visitors at Gitex 2019 can also order its ‘smart coffee’, making specific types of coffee that are prepared and presented to them by the robot.

“Through these technology projects, we have provided a foresight of how the near future will look like, and the change that AI, 5G and IoT technologies can make in our daily lives,” said senior director of digital innovation Eng. Majid Al Mazloum.

“A robot today can make a full meal, read a book, help the visually impaired walk, and provide other services. Today, we are opening the door for Emirati youth to enter the age of AI and contribute to the future of the UAE, placing it in the world’s top countries in all fields.”