Dhaba Lane celebrates Emirati Women’s day with Freebies!

On the occasion of Emirati Women’s Day on Saturday, 28th of August, Dhaba Lane is celebrating by offering a complimentary drink Guava Merry (Guava Juice spiced with rock salt and Indian spices) to all its women guests.
Eti Bhasin, 25, a young woman entrepreneur and owner at Dhaba Lane restaurants says, ” Being born and brought up in Dubai, I really admire the passion and dedication displayed by Emirati Women in each and every field. This is our chance to celebrate these special women. Hence, we are offering a small gesture to celebrate womanhood on Saturday, 28th August.
Some of the tempting highlights of Dhaba Lane menu include, Galli Pani Puri Shots, Purani Dilli ki Papri Chaat, Dahi Ke Kebab, Murg Maska Marke, Taka Tak Paneer, Dal Makhan Marke, Zauk e Shahi, and Chenna Cheese Cake.