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Jollibee Snack Savers

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New! Jollibee Snack Savers for 2 for only AED 29! Available for dine-in, take-away and delivery. Exclusive at 600 587 000

Mega Meal deal

Grab the Mega Meal Deal for 4 for only AED 99 in any Jollibee store or via 600 587 000 / /
Jollibee’s Jollisavers for AED 10

Enjoy the Jollisavers (Jolly Spaghetti, Jolly Hotdog, Jollisavers Cheesy Yumburger & Fries, Jollisavers 1pc Burgersteak w/ rice & Fries) at Jollibee outlets for AED 10.  Available in all Jollibee UAE outlets or via / 600 587 000.

All new offer for AED 17

Try the new Jolly Chicken Fillet Burger with Bacon & Cheese for only AED 17.  Available in all Jollibee UAE outlets or via / 600 587 000.

Solo Super Meals

Check out Jollibee’s Super solo meals starting for AED 25. Available in all stores and via 600 587 000 /

Jollibee New Breakfast offer for AED 9

Enjoy jollier mornings on the go with the NEW Jollibee Bacon & Egg Muffin for only AED 9. Available in all stores and via 600 587 000 / until 11AM everyday.

Double Meal deal

Try Jollibee’s Double Meal Deal for 2 at AED 49 or Mega Meal Deal for 4 at AED 99. Order via 600 587 000,

Bucket Platter

Share the joy with the new buckets and platters! Grab these at any Jollibee UAE store or have them delivered via 600587000 or

Jollibee Big Meals Big Deals

Enjoy extra crispy, extra spicy meal deals! Choose between 9-pc MEGA MEAL DEAL or 12-pc GIGA MEAL DEAL. Also available in Original Chickenjoy variant. Try it in any Jollibee outlet or via delivery at / 600 587 000!

Solo Super Meals for AED 25

Jollibee Breakfast offer




Enjoy your favorite Chickenjoy for breakfast paired with Hotdog, Egg, Fried Rice and Pineapple Juice for only AED 18. Visit your nearest Jollibee store or call our Jollibee Delivery hotline number 600 587 000.

About Jollibee

Jollibee is a Filipino multinational chain of fast food restaurants owned by Jollibee Foods Corporation, Jollibee’s core product is its fried chicken, which is branded as Chickenjoy which was first introduced in 1980. Before the Chickenjoy, the YumBurger was originally Jollibee’s primary product which was introduced in 1978.

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