Hot n Spicy Eid Offer

Hot n Spicy eid offer
Savor your favorite halwa poori nashta on Eid all day long! (Starting from 9am) at Hot n Spicy
For Delivery, call 800 467 467. For orders, Download the app Or visit:

About Hot n Spicy

Some twenty years ago, back home in the Desi lands of South Asia, one clever man popularized the traditional paratha roll and brought it to the masses. The people of Paki Land just couldn’t get enough of that piping hot paratha filled with fresh bar b qued meat and chutney. As the humble paratha roll got famous, so did the humble eatery, weaving its way through the country. Branches of the original restaurant popped up in nooks and corners of several cities by the names of Red Apple, A-One Snacks, Tikka Inn and Roll Inn.

Now, after the roaring success of our restaurants and great encouragement from the customers, the same team of dedicated and experienced chefs are now in the Middle East, striving to pamper you by the virtue of the very same Desi taste and the indistinguishable Desi care, which you get back in the sub continent.

Tel :+971 800 467467

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